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A division of Skopus Business Consultants CC

The place where emerging artists feel at home

Emerging artists find it difficult and frustrating to make a break.  Doors slam shut because they are not “established”, “well known” or “reputable”.

Arum Creative Studios provides emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their work and to be promoted to potential buyers.

Our Values, Mission and Vision

 All artists deserve exhibition space

 We select works based on potential and not because the artist is “established”

 We work with artists to promote their work

 We do not  believe that high commissions translate into quality representation

Issues experienced by emerging artists

  It is difficult to make a name in the primary market

  Artists in the primary market need affordable and authentic representation

  Artists in the primary market are rejected not because of the quality of their work but because there is a perception that emerging artists are “not good enough”

  It takes time to get noticed by potential buyers and investors.  Results to not happen overnight.

  Unlike artists in previous generations, there are not many kind-hearted benefactors to help build an artist’s reputation

Just in!

New works by Natali Samkanashvili

Types of art accepted on this gallery:

Paintings - all media




Mixed media






New works by Sinead Bunn Photography

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Open Call to Emerging Artists

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