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Harry J. Adams

 (West Africa)

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In the artist’s own words:

Eccentric Western African Artist Harry J. Adams is a self taught hyper realistic artist with a colossal love for the unorthodox medium, "Ballpoint Pens", the artist brings an extensive mastery of absolute pen craftsmanship that are mostly mistaken as photographs, but these are artworks done with your regular writing pens, and a variety of  these pens comes in colours that Harry uses to  bring portraits to the realm of the reality with his exuberant mixtures of shades and barely visible human gestural cross hatching/diversified strokes, submerged in multiple layers.

With over 7 years of intense discipline, practices and experience obtained, Harry's constant pursuit to realism has further transcend his works into surrealism with the impossible pen.

In addition to his original work of arts Harry offers limited edition prints on archival museum quality paper, and accepts all custom artworks request

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