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About Us

Arum Creative Studios is an online, virtual gallery that showcases the works of selected emerging artists.

Works displayed on this site are unique and original.

All copyrights reserved

Many artists are stonewalled to exhibit in brick & mortar galleries because they are not “well-known”.  That is why this website exist:

To showcase the talent of as many emerging contemporary artists as possible.

Our philosophy is that visual art is not restricted by a single medium or style.

The beauty and quality of an artwork remains in the eye of the beholder.  We hope that the different styles showcased on this gallery will find wide appeal with the public. After all, art is meant to be seen by all who appreciate they beauty of a visual story, no matter the style or medium.

Our Purpose

Promote emerging contemporary artists from all over the globe

End to end support for emerging contemporary artists

Introduce emerging contemporary artists to international buyers

Ensure that our clients’ works are priced and benchmarked against similar works elsewhere in the world