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Ladislav Roman Cierny


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In the artist’s own words:

I am an older person and I have been working in art for more than 50 years. That's why I have several paintings in the studio that I haven't published yet. Currently, I am mainly engaged in paintographic work, because I have created a distinctive style, easily identifiable from the work of other authors. My paintings are made on canvas, most often up to 120 x 80 cm. For the exterior, I also presented much larger paintings, up to 10 m. My laser-transmitted works on noble glass or on a wooden surface are evaluated positively.

I have organized about 20 solo exhibitions in the EU, e.g., Wien - Hofburg, Bratislava, Czech Republic, Slovakia. It is typical for my work that I do not avoid any topic and I have recently observed my typical harmonious, expressive and partly abstract style of work based on reality. I try to show feelings, not details. My work in the exterior is focused on folk architecture, landscape and urban studies. I create chamber paintings together with a visual interpreter and curator, Mrs. Mgr. Valeria Lukacova within the author duo “Laceria". These are mainly figural compositions that are extremely valued in modern interior spaces.

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