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Lydia Ehlers

 (South Africa)

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The artist in her own words:

What makes your work unique?

I paint with coloured bees wax and low heat equipment (Encaustic Art) which gives paintings an instant 3D effect.  It is a challenge to control the melting wax but equally creates the most stunning images.  It is impossible to create a replica with the same medium, so your painting is exclusive and unique!

Why should buyers choose to buy your work?

Owning a bee’s wax painting means you have a total unique image which can never be replicated.  Although the painting is finished off with a wax sealant to prevent scratches, it remains a fragile piece of art and should be kept away from hot / sunny areas.  Colour vibrance can last past 100 years if well looked after.  

How long have you been an artist?

My whole life been artistic but always been doing it part-time mainly painting with oils and acrylics.  The last 10 years I have been actively creating wax paintings which is my medium of choice.

What is the preferred medium you use (oil on canvas, etc.)?

Wax art (Encaustic Art) (Not to be confused with Batik)

What style best describes your artwork?

Modern Impressionism

What is the story behind your art?

I have seen this art being advertised in the SA Craft Wize magazine and they wanted teachers – a  new art (however it is an ancient type of art which has been brought back to life again with modern tools invented by Michael Bossom from USA).  I did the course with them and since then have been giving art classes to interested crafters and painting myself whenever I get a chance.  However, have been working full time in a corporate environment and only painted part time.  Currently I find myself without a job after a family tragedy and want to become a full-time artist.

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