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Mesha Wasser

(United States)

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Artist Bio

Michelle Teresa Wasser-Otero or as her friends and family call her “Mesha” was born on the north side of Chicago, IL in the spring of 1979. She describes herself as having a creative spirit who loves to express herself, less through traditional means of communication, and more through the visual arts by painting and drawing her vision.

At the age of 12, Mesha began her journey by experimenting with a variety of different mediums which include oil and acrylic paints, and watercolours. Mesha strayed from more conventional methods to using two-part epoxy resins and a myriad of different textures and pigments types such as pastels, fluorescents, and luminotics in an attempt to find her own distinctive style.

Throughout her teenage years, and into her 30’s, Mesha has produced hundreds of unique pieces of art by her mastery of dozens of different disciplines. Her techniques have since then evolved into her own very unique rare expression that leaves a completely different impression with everyone that views her work. Mesha has integrated the composition of new media arts in collaboration with light molding paste that add texture to her work. Abstract expressionism and symmetry would be Mesha’s creative language as an artist. Her vision becomes clear to the viewer through her use of shapes, forms, colours, and lines which creates a colourful world that allows the imagination to run wild through the complex layers of each piece.

Mesha took a major step towards making her dream a reality when she enrolled in school at the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design. The single mother quit her job in Fox Lake, Illinois, packed her belongings with young child, and moved to Boulder, Colorado to chase her dream. She took a job teaching art enrichment to elementary school students to support herself and her child.  


Throughout Michelle’s many life experiences she has been able to chisel out her own eccentric style. She is inspired by her call to her Spiritual and Metaphysical draw. She has been able to find her own elegant and uncompromising way of expressing her connection to source in a way that leaves each piece open to interpretation to each individual viewer.

Quote from the artist:

“My purpose is self-mastery, and the dream that motivates me from day to day is the hopes that I might inspire others to connect to their own authentic expression and be bold enough to share that expression with all that will listen.”

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