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Open Call For Millennial Artists

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  1. The online art gallery curated by Arum Creative Studios (arumgallery.co.za) is calling millennial artists to submit works for consideration.
  2. Works must reflect how Millennials experience the world around them.  Unfortunately, we will not consider works that promote racism, religious intolerance, violence or discrimination in any form.

Age Requirements

Artists must be born between 1981 and 1996.

Submission requirements

  1. Artists must submit a maximum of three works.
  2. Artists must indicate the dimensions of the works (length, width, depth).
  3. Artists must declare what medium and ground was used for each work (oil paper, gouache on canvas, etc.).
  4. All submissions must follow the rules as displayed on our website.

Submission Rules


Not applicable

Decision to accept works

The directors of Arum Creative Studios will have the sole discretion to decide which works will be displayed.


There is no deadline for submissions at this time.

Issued by Arum Creative Studios, a division of Skopus Business Consultants, South Africa on 30 January 2021.

Submit works here

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