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Oksana Steffan

(Born in Belarus now residing in Germany)

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The artist in her own words:

I am Oksana Steffan M.A. (born Yakimova), a self-taught artist, art teacher and linguist.
I was born in Belarus in a small village in 1968. For many years I taught the history of art at school and led my own circle “Art-workshops”. 
With my students we took successfully part in different art projects in our country and abroad.
Art has always been a keen interest. Love for art was instilled in me by my parents, who both drew well, though, like me, without professional education.
For the last 11 years, I am living in Germany with my husband whom I met 20 years ago in Belarus. He  came as volunteer to help the people and kids after the Chernobyl ecological catastrophe. It was and still is our common interest. 

During Corona time I had no school so I have got a chance to reveal myself in a new way and I started to paint extensively. My goal is to paint one picture each evening. This, often means I have no time so I paint quickly).  My favourite subjects are abstract painting, portraits. I tend to stick to hot and wet media like encaustic, watercolour, sometimes painting in ink and even drawing with a finger in a cell phone (when short of paper.

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