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Suzanne May


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Suzanne May was born in Essex, England and moved to rural Manitoba,

Canada as a teenager, where she currently lives and works. She draws

inspiration from the beauty of the prairie landscape, with its dynamically

contrasting seasons, and from the ocean landscape which “lives in my


Drawing on her intuitive experience as a poet, and her love of philosophy,

Suzanne’s work explores the vital energy that resonates around us, and

attempts to capture the mood, expression, and pervasive force of our

natural environment. This becomes a catalyst for the viewer’s emotional


As a self- taught artist, Suzanne has enjoyed creating in a variety of

mediums, starting with earlier works in oil. In 2014 after some years

away from painting, she returned to the canvas with a preference

for acrylic and a renewed vision. Suzanne blends color directly on the

canvas, which helps to achieve a continuous intuitive process. Many

of her abstract works are created with a palette knife, using a

combination of impasto, and sgraffito techniques. Underpainting

and layering is also a key component to her work. Suzanne enjoys

creating abstract, impressionistic, and realistic works.

Suzanne’s work is owned by private collectors across Canada. Her

work has been exhibited in Regional Art shows and local Fine Arts


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